Features Benefits
Rapid – Only one drop of 20 µl blood from finger is needed
– Results obtained in 5 minutes
– Quicker medical decision
– Allow the physician to administer medication, conduct X-rays examination
Easy – Collecting sample is easier than urine or venous blood
– Can be used by all medical staff
Accurate – Sensitivity of 10mlU/ml
– Detects pregnancy as early as 1 day before expected period date.
– Accurate detection at any time of the day (no problem of urine dilution)
– Same kind of sample (blood) as performated in the laboratory
Saving costs & optimisation – Saves material costs: syringe, tube of blood, urine collection container
– Saves current steps: Blood collection, sample transport, centrifugation
– Reduces time spent by the patient with the physician at the urgent care room
– Higher level of services delivery to the patient